Escape Through Eden


You have 60 minutes to escape!
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Escape Through Eden

Your time will start once you click begin.
At the end of the news broadcast, you have a funny feeling in your tummy. It’s either due to the curry you ate last night or it’s an overwhelming desire to find the Tree of Wisdom. You decide it’s the second option and, before you know it, you have walked out of your front door, caught a bus to Cornwall and found yourself standing in front of The Eden Project.

The only problem is, it is locked and guarded. You must find a way to break in. Maybe that security guard can help?

The minute you step through the gate, your phone starts to ring. It’s a video call.

As you click the last direction, the padlock unbolts . You open the box to find a torn piece of map and an old piece of paper with some writing on. You read it aloud, unsure of its meaning but noting there is one word written in red. You write it in your notebook and pop it back into your rucksack. You decide to walk in the direction of The Wildflower Meadow.

The scenery in the meadow looks beautiful! Just as you finish gawping at the endless Poppies, Daisies and Cornflowers, you notice a curious looking sign and another wooden padlocked box. You take a closer look…

Overjoyed with your findings, you spin the number dials on the padlock and squeal with delight as the lock loosens and the box opens. Another piece of map and some more words of wisdom. you write the word in red into your notebook and head off on your way towards the Mediterranean Biome.

Arriving inside The Mediterranean Biome, you are instantly struck by the sweet aroma of herbs in the air and the unbelievable landscape instantly makes you feel like you’ve been transported to South Africa or California! Your attention is instantly drawn towards the intoxicating aroma of lemons. You curiously follow your nose to take a look and spy some other culinary favourites of yours.

After all that counting, you’re feeling tired but you know you must continue your quest. You enter the digits one by one and pop! The padlock is open! You high five all of your gang, pleased with your terrific teamwork. Another piece of map and some more wise words. You scribble the red word down into your notebook and swiftly head off in the direction of the Rainforest Biome via the Outdoor Gardens.

You take out a sneaky sweet to wet your whistle. All this puzzle solving is hungry work! The wrapper accidentally slips out of your hands and lands on the floor. You bend down to pick it up, keen not to be a litter bug, and as you stand up you spot a poster stuck to a tree. It’s an invite to The Big Lunch. But why would someone have left this here?

You are on fire! Don’t worry, not literally. You quickly spin those dials with a new sense of determination. Surprise, surprise - another piece of map and an interesting fact! After jotting down the answer in red, you notice a shed up ahead. Feeling brave, you push the door open and step inside.

After re-homing a rogue spider that was trying to climb into your rucksack, you glance around the shed to spy various tools hanging on certain hooks. This has to mean something, so you choose to investigate. You see a note from Madame Gaia. Another clue to help you on your trail?

You flick through the letters on the padlock until you spell out S.H.A.R.E and breathe a sign of relief when the padlock unlocks! You aren’t as stupid as you first thought. There’s yet another section of map and a message on a piece paper. You write down the word in red and delicately place them in your bag.

As you turn to walk out of the shed, you spot an interesting poster of Morse Code on the back of the shed door. Just as you take a step towards it, your phone pings with an incoming video message. You press play and are humbled to see it’s from Madame Gaia, but why would she be sending you a video? This looks like a puzzle that needs more brains than one!

You’re starting to feel Madame Gaia is sending you on a journey of discovery. All of these words and clues seem to be leading to a bigger message. You write down the red word and add the map to your growing collection, before exiting the shed and heading towards the Rainforest Biome.

Upon entering this awe-inspiring dome, huge towering trees above, you see a signpost ahead of you stating ‘Eden’s Top Tips’. Now eager to find the Tree of Wisdom, you stride up to the board hoping to find another clue. As you do, you step straight into a pile of wet mud. The mud looks unusual though, it has symbols drawn into it. They look similar to some writing you have seen before in Madame Gaia’s notepad, so you whip it out of your rucksack and flick through to the correct page.

You’re really getting into the swing of things now! The padlock clicks open and, without hesitation, you read out the information on the paper. Madame Gaia was right, you definitely couldn’t have done this on your own. As instructed earlier, you write down the red word and pack away the map. Time is ticking and you need to get a move on. You see the Canopy Walkway up ahead, and you feel yourself gravitating towards it.

The warmth of these tropical climates, along with your adrenaline, is making you work up a sweat. You wipe your moist brow with a napkin and then wonder where you got a napkin from. Suddenly, you see a sign listing various plants and fruits. You instantly know that this is your next puzzle to decipher…

You feel a real sense of achievement. Not only are you on a world-changing adventure to save The Eden Project, but you can literally feel your brain getting bigger with every clue you unravel! Your Mum did always say you had a big head! You shake yourself out of your daydream, write down the word in red, and pop the next piece of map into your bag.

You can feel you are nearing the end of your quest but you haven’t explored the Core area yet. You head inside and, not far along the path, you spot The Lab. Curiosity gets the better of you so you push the door open. Surely there will be something in here to guide you to the Tree of Wisdom? You see a computer but it is password protected. On the desk there are three confusing letters. They don’t seem to make sense - if only you had some way of making them work together. Maybe you could alternate who reads which letter in your team?

The computer screen awakes from its hibernation and automatically prints two pieces of paper for you. Teamwork makes a dream work! One has some words of wisdom and, of course, you scribble down the word in red. The other is a piece of map, which you fold and place into your bag before swinging it back over your shoulder.

Your adrenaline is really pumping now! You feel like a spy on a mission and with every solved clue comes a new sense of purpose. Time to take a look inside your rucksack to see if you can piece together these sections of map that Madame Gaia has been leaving you. It fits! You fist pump the air with the delicacy of a gazelle! It’s a map of The Eden Project, but it doesn’t seem to be giving you any idea of where the Tree of Wisdom is located! Strange. There’s a locked drawer in this lab though – could that hold the answer? Using your finger on the map, you follow the timetable of what happens on each day.

Yes! You’ve cracked it! The drawer slides open and there is yet another fact. As you are jotting down the word in red, you see something else in the drawer. It’s an ultraviolet torch. What could this be for? The map! You shine the UV beam on to the pieced-together map and, as if by magic, an X glows up. That must be the location of the Tree of Wisdom! You gather your things and rush out the door.

You arrive at what you believe must be the famous Tree of Wisdom. It has some words inscribed down its trunk. However, something is not quite right about those words. You get out your notebook and begin to work out the hidden message.

Well done!

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